Our goal is to ensure every child is provided with a safe and nurturing care system. At Kids Kasa we know that together, we can be the difference, one child at a time.


To help at-risk children become healthy and productive members of our community.


The clients we serve are our number one priority. We place emphasis on the client’s best interest in every situation and ensure each client is receiving the best possible services and support.

We provide our clients with safe, secure, and nurturing homes. We surround each client with the support necessary to feel comfortable in their environments, ultimately fostering a sense of family and belonging.

We are always ready and willing to adapt to innovative approaches and best practices. We provide our employees opportunities to participate in ongoing staff development. We believe in networking with other community agencies to maximize our effectiveness.

We form lasting relationships with the youth we serve. Our support extends beyond their stay in our homes. Clients are encouraged to stay affiliated with agency staff and their foster family throughout their journey to adulthood.

Meet Our Board

Brad Castillo, Chairman/CEO

Michael Lepore, Retired Educator

Sarah Parkes, Development Director

Begered Ghazi, Transportation Engineer

John Reyes, Retired Probation Officer

Kyle Castillo, Certified Public Accountant

Trisha Divelbiss, Retired Educator