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Do you have to be married to do Foster Care?

No. We do, however, require that you are self-sufficient with your financial needs and will not depend on the reimbursement check.


Can you adopt through Foster Care?

Certainly! Through foster care, the process can be much faster. This is mostly due to the fact that there is already an established relationship between the child and potential adoptive parents.


How much space do I need to have?

Our minimum requirements are that the child has their own bed, dresser and closet space.


How long does a child stay in care?

Each child is unique with their care. Some can stay in care for just 1 day, while some can be in stay for 6 months or longer.


How long does it take to become a Foster Parent?

It can take approximately 1-3 months. The process depends on how long it will take to complete all necessary paperwork and documentation as well as completion of our training.